Yii Framework


What is the Yii Framework?

Yii is a fairly complex PHP framework that has a lot to offer. It is primarily meant for rapid development of large scale applications, it promotes code re-usability by component-based software engineering (CBSE). Going a step further in the separation of concerns direction, Yii is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. The structure of a Yii application provides developers with a clearly designated hierarchy for each portion of the application thus motivating clear-cut code. The granularity of such an application structure while unusual can be highly effective.

In the same spirit, Yii has its own take on middleware, called filters in the framework, and database management among others. In short, it is a framework full of unique tools and approaches that can be very powerful in the right hands.

What are the characteristics of the Yii Framework?

A fine-grained framework

Yii is capable of delivering great products at the hands of experts. It stresses optimization as a result of assembling well-written modules by utilizing the best parts of modern software architectures and patterns. Components, Yii’s primary building blocks can be paired with the very versatile dependency injection container the framework provides to achieve vast code modularity.

Yii’s database handling is written to be as flexible as possible. It offers support for every popular SQL database management system, NoSQL/MongoDB, and even ElasticSearch. On top of this, you can decide between using the Active Record Pattern, or Query Builder, and all of this is built on top of Yii Database Access Objects (DAO) which in turn is built on PHP’s PDO. The same philosophy is applied to every common concern such as security, which comes built-in but is customizable to your heart’s content, caching, RESTful web services, etc.

Benefits of the Yii Framework

When to use the Yii Framework

Yii is a versatile framework that can be used for anything, however, its true potential really shows in large scale projects. Yii’s emphasis on performance could make a considerable difference once your application gets a large audience and generates vast amounts of traffic. Of course, that is provided that your software developers have the expertise required to capitalize on Yii’s many capabilities, which might not be an easy task. If you find yourself having similar requirements often, Yii’s code reusability mantra could do wonders for you. Content management systems, online shops, RESTful back-end support for Single Page Applications or mobile apps are all good candidates for applications that could benefit from Yii.

Yii @ Infogion

Yii is a framework that puts the expertise of your development team to the test. In the right hands, Yii can be a tool for creating blazingly fast and secure software of any size, however, you would want to be sure that you hire architects and developers that understand all the underlying patterns and protocols and can utilize them to your benefit, otherwise Yii’s capabilities become a hindrance. We at InfoGion can offer you the forefront experts in the field, ensuring you get the highest possible quality product that meets your requirements.

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