Why should you go for a JavaScript framework for your next web application project?

Creating a web application nowadays is followed by the dilemma of choosing the best framework in which one can create an amazing web application. But what about choosing a JavaScript framework for your project? Let’s see why you should choose a JavaScript framework for your next web application project.

What is JavaScript?

HTML CSS provides structure to our websites or web applications, we can define how our application should look like using these. But what just a design can perform? Absolutely nothing. So, to make your application interactive and working we need a programming language that can add functionality to our web applications.

JavaScript is a programming language that allows us to write client and server-side coding. We can make our web apps and websites user engaging by using this programming language.

For example, we want to add a pop message every time we refresh our webpage. The best part is that you can practice this language in your Google chrome. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on three dots on the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Go to More tools.
  4. Choose the option Developer tools.
  5. Go to Sources.
  6. Create New Snippets.
  7. Write alert (“Welcome your name”);
  8. Click ctrl+enter.
  9. You’ll be able to see messages.

Let’s see one more example. 

Note: You are not allowed to introduce the same variables again.

var x = 5;

var y = 2;

We want to switch the values of x and y, which means x must be equal to 2 and y must be equal to 5.

In order to switch the values, we need to introduce one more variable. 

Let it be z.

  • var z = x;

By writing var z = x; we are assigning the value of x to z. Now variable x is not having any value in it. Before performing this step, x was equal to 5 and now z is equal to 5.


// z= x = 5;


z =5;

As x is empty, we can assign any value we want to.

  •  x = y;

 variable y becomes empty and variable x will have the value which variable y used to have. It is similar to what we have done in step 1 earlier.

// x = y =2;


 x =2;

Half the problem is solved.

Now we have to vacant the variable z by assigning its value to variable y.

 y = z;

This results in:

 y = 5;

So finally:


 y =5;

 So, we switched the values of two variables x and y.

These were a few examples where we can see the use of JavaScript.

Peeking into the history

JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 when he was working for Netscape Communications. JavaScript was first called Mocha, then its name changed to LiveScript and after getting the trademark license from Sun it was finally called JavaScript. Java and JavaScript are entirely different languages. 

Why JavaScript?

  • JavaScript can be used for the front-end as well as the back-end.

Nothing is more reliable than working with one programming language rather than hustling with two or three. It makes the working experience convenient and consumes less amount of time. And this is what application and website creation asks for, lesser time and small codes. Initially, JavaScript was used for developing the front-end only. Over the years it attained so much popularity that developers added more features to it and started using it for the back-end as well. JavaScript is accepted by all browsers. After a span of time Node Js was introduced as a JavaScript framework which is a back-end JavaScript language. Node JS made the code shorter and web applications lighter.

  1. Creating Scalable web applications

JavaScript allows us to create scalable web apps, shorter, lighter, and efficient unlike Java and few other programming languages. At zero cost you can develop web applications as JavaScript provides elegant tools and an open-source environment to work. Tools like Sublime Text 3, Atom, Brackets, NetBeans, etc. Node JS has an NPM library that comes with more than 7 lakh packages. All things together make this framework cost-effective and productive.  

  • Expanding in the gaming field

Nowadays, gaming has so much craze among youngsters. JavaScript is being used in creating technologies like virtual reality, gaming, animations, etc. 

  • Faster to learn

JavaScript also needs hard work if you want to master it. But it is fast to learn once you grasped the idea of it. This is also the reason why people prefer to learn JavaScript more. If we look into Java, the syntax is much more complex. JavaScript is a fast language. If someone has knowledge of C or C++ programming languages, JavaScript will be easy to learn.

Look into the statistics 

  1. According to a 2019 survey, there are 1.6 billion websites in the world and interestingly, 95% of them are built-in JavaScript, which means 1.52 Billion websites with JavaScript. You can clearly see the popularity of this framework among developers. 
  2. As per the recent trends, the demand for JavaScript developers increased up to 72%. Most IT companies are looking for developers that are efficient in JavaScript frameworks like React JS and Node Js.

JavaScript over the years added more features. Now there are 24 frameworks in total under JavaScript. But most popular are React JS, Node JS, and Angular. Angular has a brother AngularJS. Angular JS was introduced in 2009 and Angular was created in 2016 with more advanced features. React JS is rated number one framework. React JS is a lot more in demand than other JS frameworks.

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Full-stack Development

JavaScript makes a full package of Full-stack Development. If you are learning JavaScript framework, you are already mastering Full stack development. Full-stack development means front-end and back-end developer. As we learned above JavaScript is a front-end and back-end language, so this makes you a full-stack developer automatically. So, if you want to create a web application, then learn this language to add functionality it will work for both ends. 

Who is accompanying us?

  1. Netflix, an amazing application to watch movies and web series with a great interface.
  2. Facebook, everyone is familiar and using it. It is the platform to share photos, videos, text messages, and chatting which is being widely used.
  3. Candy Crush is a cool game, we all have played it once in a while.
  4. Uber, we all must have booked a cab or ordered some food through this at least once.

You should go for a JavaScript framework for your next web project as you have enough reasons.

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