Vuejs Framework

Vuejs Framework

What is Vue.js?

VueJS is a JavaScript framework for front-end development. Vue is an open-source tool, created in 2014 by Evan You. Its main characteristic, when compared to other JavaScript instruments, is the simplicity of the usage and is extremely easy to learn. It allows for a very fast coding speed. Companies like Adobe, Xiaomi and Alibaba use Vue.js in the development of their mobile and web applications.

How Vue.js works

Vue works as a progressive framework, meaning that you can apply it to independent parts of your app, according to your needs. It also allows you to take a complex web page and split it into various reusable elements. You can easily keep track of your data, custom methods, and life-cycle methods thanks to Vue.js’s simple and clear architecture. Vue framework is reactive and will automatically update all the places where you are using data each time you change it with optimized performance and runtimes.

Key benefits of Vue

When to use Vue.js

Vue is useful when uniting already existing projects as a library, by organizing the various files connected to HTML and CSS, but is also a capable full-featured platform when building a project from scratch, helping you to create a more maintainable and testable codebase.

Things to note before using Vue.js

Vue.js offers tutorials and learning materials such as detailed, comprehensive documentation to anyone interested in implementing Vue.js in their projects. 

Vue.js @ Infogion

There are so many JavaScript frameworks available today that it becomes sometimes difficult to select the most suitable one for your application. Since a development team may not have the same level of skill or comfort in all the major JS frameworks, the business is often forced to opt for the one in which the development team is comfortable. You need Infogion exactly at this point! Since we are connected with multiple development companies and teams with diversified skills across all the major JavaScript platforms, we are in a better position to judge them. Moreover, our experts can guide you to go for the right JS platform for your application. 

In the end, Infogion makes the difference between a high-performance and a ‘just working’ app.

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