Top 10 Web Development trends to become Super Relevant in 2022

You’ve certainly seen how web development trends are changing fast-forcing web developers and businesses to take new directions to remain on top in a competitive world.  With the many frameworks emerging in the market, it can be a daunting task for you to decide what’s best. This article will equip you with the top 10 web development trends of 2022. The most real advice we can give you is, go for the web development framework that best fits your organization’s needs and that will also be easy to maintain for not less than the next 5 years. Whether your business is in technology inventions, digital marketing, or e-commerce, be at the forefront to analyze tendencies across industries and the changes in trends. 


In our list of top 10 web development trends, Angular is placed at the top. Built on TypeScript, Angular is a stand-alone open-source web application framework that is component-based for building scalable web apps. It comes with features such as two-way binding, dirty checking, forms management, client-server communication, routing, and developer tools to build, test, and update your code. What makes it stand apart is its mix of over 1.7 million developers, content creators, and library authors. Businesses and developers lean towards Angular for its improved CSS class, clean code, good debugging, and fast testing making it appear among the top 10 web development trends.

Angular Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022


  • Functionality:  There is a library provided by the Angular team that offers you higher code quality and security and makes data conveyance easy.
  • Responsive application: It allows you to create feature-rich apps that are highly responsive.
  • Consistency: Codebase consistency – only one way to build a module, service, or component.


  • Complexity: – Coders find it demanding to manage the component of Angular’s complex architecture.
  • Variances in versions: -There is a significant difference in Angular versions forcing you to rewrite everything or be relentless in maintaining an existing product.
  • MVC Challenge:- To be proficient and achieve an effective Model-View-Controller (MVC), you have to be apt with all the architectural designs and be innovative for them to benefit your project.

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2. React.js

It’s a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library used together with ReactDOM. Though React is not a framework it is applied in solving the same scenarios as other true web development frameworks. It’s used in controlling the view layer for webs and mobile apps. React.js primary goal however is to help you reduce bugs that occur while you develop UI components.

React js Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

The features that have made React.js rank among the top 10 web development trends include;

  • The view layer implementation for UI
  • End-to-end app development
  • Ability to develop apps for various user interfaces such as Smart TV, Web, Desktop, and Mobile
  • State-of-the-art SEO support.


  • Offers app-like capabilities
  • Huge library of developer tools
  • Easy to learn and integrate 


  • Heavy tooling requirement
  • Requires you build your whole app with React; not very interactive.
  • You need to be conversant with JavaScript

3. Vue.js

Vue.js is among the top 10 web development trends of 2022 capturing global attention with its commitment to offer users strong community support. It’s advanced to the level of allowing you to gradually increase human-computer communication points and eventually lets you use single-file components. Merging the primary library with other existing apps is stress- free courtesy of the Vue.js tool feature. It can be described as a combination of React.js (as Virtual DOM) and AngularJS (as View Layer).

Vue js Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

The features that have made Vue.js popular and one of the members of the elusive list of top 10 web development trends of 2022 include the following:

  • Besides the end-to-end app development, it offers support on external data flow and state management.
  • Much like Angular, Vue.js offers two-way data binding with Virtual DOM and Event Sourcing tools
  • With JavaScript-based front-end development, you reap quality documentation


  • Offers speedier development
  • A good fit for progressive web app development needs
  • Premium service for enterprises focusing on SEO 


  • It does not meet the needs of a business that require the same web development framework for different platforms 

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4. Express.js

Express.js, the most prevalent Node.js web framework is designed for creating APIs and web apps. It is free and open-source software greatly predisposed by the minimalistic Framework Sinatra offering minimalistic operations for lightweight software. Its uniqueness lies in simplicity, flexibility, minimalism, and scalability. Its express provision approach to specifying what function is needed for a particular HTTP verb and URL pattern, methods to point out the template engine in use, the template to use to render response, and where template files are located has placed Epress.js among the top 10 web applications trends.

Features worth noting are;

  • Different middleware modules
  • Stress-free to configure and customize
  • Enables fast and easy Node.js web app development
  • Integrates seamlessly with different template engines
  • Allows you to specify an app based on URLs and HTTP methods


  • Fast app development
  • Unlike other platforms, Express.js can handle high levels of requests efficiently based on its I/Q request handling
  • A vast and committed supportive open-source community
  • Capable of integrating some third-party applications and services


  • Callbacks don’t run smoothly
  • Middleware system issues

5. Ruby On Rails 

If you happen to be searching for a high-speed development process and your development team has expertise in Ruby language or is enthusiastic to add to their skills, Ruby On Rails is the way to go.  It’s a web framework and a popular tool in web development making it rank high among the top 10 web development trends.  Also known as RoR or Ruby, it was built based on Ruby language to guarantee speedy launches or quick software development. Rail operates on the MVC principle and was the first one of its kind. When it was introduced in the market it captivated many, and others like Python and PHP started to replicate the principle in their frameworks. If yours is a large enterprise requiring building a scalable web development framework, you cannot go wrong with Ruby on Rails. It’s also impeccable for building prototypes, MVPs, and small to medium websites.

Ruby on Rails Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

RoR has key features that separate it from other frameworks and languages.

  • Simple programming language
  • Automated Deployment
  • MVC Architecture
  • Bends towards convention over configuration
  • Simple Testing Tool
  • Active Record


  • Fast and effective
  • Various community-built tools and libraries
  • A large community of RoR developers on GitHub
  • Strict adherence to standards


  • Lacks flexibility – You won’t find room for creativity because there is a lot of default set objects.
  • Constant evolvement- Though most changes are for the better, it can be tedious to keep adjusting to the frequent changes that keep happening not only on the framework but on the tools and libraries.
  • Boot time – For massive projects performance can be slow. However, with proper app optimization, the boot time of the framework is good. Concerning this, a point worth noting is that the price of a mistake will be seen in performance time.

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6. Laravel 

Laravel is one of the finest Open-Source PHP platforms that come free and sticks to a Model-View-Control (MVC) design. It’s used for creating custom web applications. Websites built on Laravel are steady and safe. It’s known to offer a solid foundation for you to build off your apps.

Laravel Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

Some of its attractive features:

  • Simplicity
  • High-speed web development (rapid packaging system)
  • Features such as Session Management, Middleware, and ORM

If your enterprise set-up calls for complex applications and demands scalability, Laravel is a sure bet.


  • Bundled features – integrated in-built modular packages are in place simplifying your work.
  • AJAX-Enabled Widgets – If you love coziness, the built-in widgets come in handy
  • MVC Architecture – Offers you superior documentation and plentiful functionalities
  • Re-usable codes – There is no limit to using the pre-written codes 
  • Error Management – No harm reaches the user as Laravel is prompt in accosting them
  • Automated Testing System – You are assured of a faultless product based on programmed unit testing. 


  • Limited built-in support function – This is due to its small framework nature however the built-in utility steps in to counter this drawback.
  • Lack of technical experts – The automated functions in Laravel makes it appear simple which is misleading. Many developers lack the technical skills required to work with this framework.
  • Hitches with Updates – As with any other long-term support platform, Laravel has difficulties after some updates
  • General Misconception – Several features could be simplified so things are not as complicated as they might appear.  Yes, it’s heavy documentation for most programmers but the support of Laravel and the online developer community makes it less painful.

Regardless of the above downsides, Lararvel has remained as one of the best server-side rendered frameworks listed under the top 10 web applications trends. 

7. Django 

Django is another framework that is growing more popular among developers across the globe. It’s Python-dependent and uses the MTV architectural pattern. Django which describes itself as a “batteries included” framework comes with robustness and simplicity to help you build a powerful, efficient and clean code. Used by NASA, Instagram, Google, and Youtube to name but a few, Django is among the top 10 web applications trending in the world.

Django Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

Features that make it quite an amazing web framework are;

  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Rapid Development
  • Free Documentation
  • Python Web-framework
  • Scalability

It’s worth noting that Django uses a potent ORM layer which makes dealing with databases and data simpler and speeds up the development process.


  • Python-based – This is one of the easiest programming languages
  • Batteries included framework – The hustle of writing your code is taken care of as Django offers a lot of stuff out of the box and gives you the freedom to use the world-class solutions implemented by professionals.
  • Scalable – Django understands that developers need to consider future needs and with that in mind allows you to take various actions as needs arise.
  • Community – An active and helpful community offers you a beginner-friendly environment while keeping the framework stable and adding new features.
  • Administrative Interface – Django saves you time by offering a built-in Admin


  • Monolithic – Django dictates to you certain ways to define and perform tasks. You have to do things the “Django way”. It’s mandatory to learn its set of files and pre-defined variables and follow the rules for you to deploy anything using Django. 
  • Doesn’t fit small projects – If yours is a low-end website that can operate on very little bandwidth, Django will pose unnecessary issues for you due to lots of code in all functionality.

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8. What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter (CI) is driven by PHP software. Its highlight is in its simplification of the PHP code giving you a fully interactive and dynamic website in a much shorter time. It uses the MVC framework and is highly compatible with different versions of PHP and shared web hosts. CI is comprised of easily accessible libraries pre-designed for rapid code development hence solving the complexity of PHP with high performance. It’s quite suitable for web developers starting their structure from scratch who are looking for an easy scaffold. 

Codeigniter Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

The reasons that have kept CodeIgniter in the list of the top 10 web application development trends are;

  • No need to observe command lines
  • Supports coding guidelines
  • User-friendly keys and documentation that are clear and precise
  • Flawless consolidation of new apps through present codes or preceding work saves you development costs.

Notable features:-

  • Error handling – Swift detection and resolving by saving debugging info as text files in one place.
  • Form Validation – Allows one line code & setting configurations within HTML form
  • Migration Toolkit – simplifies data management and updates across fields.
  • MVC based


  • The Powerful URI routing control offers you a robust platform
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Provides a documentation structure
  • Compatibility
  • Safe migration – security guaranteed as the in-built tools filters data


  • Lacks modular separation of code
  • Fewer tools and built-in libraries
  • The development of kernel files is a requirement
  • Demands adherence to naming conventions – no modern namespace and autoloader use.

9.  CakePHP

It is a free, open-source web development framework based on PHP language. CakePHP is known for its ability to enable speedy development, implementation, and maintenance of web applications. Based on MVC and ORM structures, the hassle of new codes whenever you are building a new project is eliminated. All the tools you require for coding are available at inception. This not only cuts down on development expenses but the monotony as well.

CCake PHP Web Development trends
Web Development trends 2022

Features that have kept CakePHP ranking high among the top 10 web development trend list include;

  • Compatible with the newest versions of  PHP 4 and 5 
  • Robust MVC foundational structure
  • Validation and Access control lists (ACL) that are flexible
  • Non-code re-invention
  • Template function (PHP syntax with helper methods)
  • Supports mapping URLs and handling extensions
  • Integration of CRUD for database interaction
  • In-built validation of Model data 
  • Bake-generated codes


  • Flexible and handy based on MVC design
  • Lesser load 
  • An outstanding caching file system and reliable support for AJAX


  • Inadequate CakePHP documentation
  • It doesn’t offer fancy URLs any support default routes
  • Issues in migrating from version 2x to 3x

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10. Sail.js

This is a Node.js framework and a tool in the backend category of a tech stack. Although not much popular yet it has every hallmark of becoming one of the top 10 web development trends in 2022.  It is a Micro-framework built on top of Express.js which is designed to mimic MVC patterns. It’s highly comparable to Ruby On Rails with an exception in its ability to support modern apps such as data-driven APIs with scalable service-oriented architecture. Being a free and open-source software Sail.js has captured the attention of many developers as it’s known to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.

Some of the attractive features of Sail.js;

  • WebSocket support with no need for additional code
  • Declarative re-usable security policies
  • Great associations
  • Auto-generate REST APIs
  • Flexible asset pipeline
  • Compatible with any Front-end 


  • Scalable
  • Simple routing and regulating attributes
  • Data powered by APIs 
  • Architecture is service-oriented 
  • Real-time and Live
  • Waterline ORM


  • Poor Asset Management
  • The framework is slow in comparison
  • Time-consuming when it comes to Project Development

Scalability, speed, and productivity have all contributed to the increasing reputation of Node.js, as well as in its selection for enterprise development by many companies.


After analyzing the top 10 web development trends you can see that technology has kept evolving and it’s crucial to stay on top of things with the trends in the current market. Whether you already have a web page, web app, website or you are an aspirant, choose between Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Ruby-on-Rails, Laravel, Django, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and, Sail.js web development frameworks has now been simplified for you.

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