What is Struts?

Jakarta Struts, or simply Struts, is a Java framework that is used for developing web apps. Specifically, it is widely used with the J2EE or the Java 2, Enterprise Edition platform. The great thing about Struts is that it makes coding easier with various Java tools one can maximize. Also, it is an open source program; thus, it’s free to access.

Characteristics of Struts

Struts are extremely easy to use and allow you to create very efficient and complete web applications that are based on the Java platform. It is based on the Model View Controller or MVC design pattern which happens to be one of the best design patterns that you’ll come across. Here are a few other characteristics that you’d love about Struts:

What are the benefits of Struts?

Struts offers a lot of benefits to developers who use the Java platform. Here are a few advantages we can take note of:

When to use the Struts

If you’re after a framework that allows you to have actions that provide better operations, Struts is the framework to use. It is very easy to use, is powerful, and doesn’t result in many errors. For those using the J2EE platform, Struts is a very handy and effective tool to use.

Struts @ Infogion

Your business deserves only the best when it comes to creating J2EE-based web applications. That is why we offer high-quality services Struts development at Infogion. We have a team of the best Struts specialists who can tackle any project that makes use of this powerful programming language. With only your best interests at heart, we’re sure to deliver the results that you want.

We will ensure that your projects are covered completely to the best level.

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