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Spring Framework

What is Spring Framework?

Spring Framework offers a thorough programming model for modern Java-based apps on all kinds of deployment platform. One distinct feature of Spring is its infrastructural support at an application level. It enables application-level business logic without unnecessarily getting tied to limited deployment settings.

Characteristics of Spring Framework

Java at its best – the Spring environment

Spring is a lightweight and powerful framework for app development. It structures the whole application in a productive and consistent manner and pulls together best-of-breed frameworks in order to make an organized and coherent architecture. Overall, it’s a well-defined tool that supports various web applications that use Java as the programming language. The following are some of its key characteristics:

What are the benefits of Sprint Framework?

Spring Framework is a powerful tool that addresses numerous common problems with Java EE. The following are some of its key benefits:

When to use the Sprint Framework

Spring Framework can come in handy when writing web applications, exposing RESTful services, securing your web applications, communicating with databases, handling long running jobs, and managing external resources or systems you need to work with.  It’s also great for testing purposes and standalone java projects. It is also handy when converting your application into an executable, integrating Social Media into your application, and coming up with a quick prototype.

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