Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is a relatively young Java framework designed by Pivotal Software, Inc. The difference between Spring Boot and the old Spring Framework is that the former makes use of a simplified bootstrapping development, allowing developers to avoid defining boilerplate configurations.  It’s a lot ‘less constrained’ than the original Spring framework and more beneficial from business perspective.

Characteristics of Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a lightweight, easy-to-use framework and uses “Opinionated Defaults Configuration” making it simple for developers. It’s one of the easiest Spring frameworks to work on and supports several Java-based applications. It allows the developer to configure using JavaConfig, Annotations, and XML without using redundant codes. A few notable features of Spring Boot are:

What are the benefits of Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is one of the best Java-based frameworks for building enterprise-level and web applications. It is built with cloud-deployment is mind; with Spring Cloud, it offers an excellent way to build distributed systems easily. A few general benefits are:

When to use Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is useful if you’re looking for a simpler way to build web enterprise applications. One of the best things about Spring Boot is its versatility in terms of features, allowing you to address different aspects of the enterprise application. It takes out the complexity of app development and configuration so that the whole development process is productive in terms of cost and features.

Spring Boot @ Infogion

Infogion offers the best in Spring Boot development. Our Spring partners have the most talented and capable Spring Boot developers who can deliver create and deliver the enterprise application your business needs. Besides the overall development, our Spring Boot partners are ready to take care of cloud deployment and distribution of your application easily.

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