Slim Framework

Slim Framework

What is the Slim Framework is all about?

The Slim Framework is a PHP framework that distinguishes itself from its peers by taking a rather minimalistic approach. While broad-purpose back-end frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony come with a large load of pre-built tools, Slim is meant to only facilitate your end-users communication with your business logic and therefore motivates building tailor-made solutions that fit your specific business model perfectly.

Slim provides several components regarding common concerns, like security (CSRF protection is a big one), caching, and even flashing messages. In addition, it eases the integration of third-party libraries such as tools for working with databases (ORMs). However, none of these tools is included by default and has to be explicitly requested by your programmers ensuring the use on an ‘as and when needed’ basis leaving your application bloat-free.

Characteristics of the Slim Framework

From a business standpoint, as its namesake suggests, the Slim Framework is at its core – slim. Paired with experienced developers, it is easily extendable to a point meeting your business needs and is fairly simple to deploy, which makes it perfect for rapid development of products and apps.

From a programmers standpoint, looking at the Slim Framework, the word versatile comes to mind. Its clear and concise structure makes the specific requirements of any web application really stand out and the lack of clutter helps bring each challenge into focus.

Slim also emphasizes compliance with industry standards which makes apps using the framework capable of being easily integrated into a larger solution and makes communication with third-party applications easier.

What are the benefits of the Slim Framework?

Slim Framework is often considered as the safest way to build APIs for mobile apps. However, in reality, Slim has quite a few benefits:

When to use Slim Framework?

Slim Framework is perfectly suitable for rapid development of web apps, and for providing back-end API support for a single page or mobile applications. Slim makes the development of content management and delivery applications quick and easy. Because of its great potential for extensibility, at the hands of an experienced developer,

Slim could be a tool for building an enterprise-level tailor-made solution. Also, since such applications often reside in the cloud, it is easy to imagine several cloud-based applications working in concert, maybe using Slim’s Redis support to provide a fast and reliable software architecture that meets the needs of your company.

Slim @ Infogion

A software solution is only as good as the people developing it, and it’s doubly so when it’s made using a minimalist approach that favors precision and well-thought-out design processes like Slim. Infogion we can put you in touch with professionals who are sure to take care of every aspect of building your software so that your company has a custom-made solution that meets its every need precisely and reliably.

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