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What is React.js?

React.js is a JavaScript library designed to simplify the creation of user interfaces, be it on web-sites or mobile app development projects. First released in 2013, React.js was built by Facebook together with a community of independent developers and made available as an open-source framework. This library is currently being used by companies like Instagram, Netflix and Uber in the development of their mobile apps and is greatly relevant in today’s business.

What are the characteristics of React.js?

The React library is efficient, flexible, and extremely light; this is achieved by using ‘components’- the name given to small chunks of pre-coded content such as functions and classes- to compose and render complex interfaces. This component takes in parameters and returns a result through the render method. Interfaces built with React are highly responsive and interactive since it updates and renders the components involved each time input data changes. 

React uses a virtual DOM, an interface that allows you to visualize the state of your variables and the relationship between the components, and updates it using the minimum number of operations necessary, allowing for a faster response and higher app performance.

Key benefits of the React.js library

When to use React.js

You can use React.js to streamline the developing process and reduce the number of bugs and unpredictability in your interfaces. It’s very useful for the development either of mobile or single-page applications.

Things to note before using React.js

React.js developers have not only made it free but also provide various resources for troubleshooting and learning. Albeit all the advantages you must keep in mind that it is not a full-featured framework – it focuses on the visual component and you will need to use more tools to build a complete web app.

React.js @ Infogion

There are so many JavaScript frameworks available today that it becomes sometimes difficult to select the most suitable one for your application. Since a development team may not have the same level of skill or comfort in all the major JS frameworks, the business is often forced to opt for the one in which the development team is comfortable. You need Infogion exactly at this point! Since we are connected with multiple development companies and teams with diversified skills across all the major JavaScript platforms, we are in a better position to judge them. Moreover, our experts can guide you to go for the right JS platform for your application. 

In the end, Infogion makes the difference between a high-performance and a ‘just working’ app.

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