What is Python?

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, created in 1990. It is very useful in Rapid Application Development, thanks to its dynamic typing and binding and high-level built-in data structures; it is also used as a scripting or glue language.

Its simple and easy-to-learn syntax makes Python popular among developers and results in improved productivity.

What makes Python evergreen

Python is an interpreted language, which means that previous compilation into machine-language is not needed before executing the program. The elimination of the compilation step makes the edit-test-debug cycle faster and increases developing speed. The use of modules and packages enhance the ability to reuse code.

This is a language with high readability, thanks to its simple syntax. This helps reduce the costs associated with program maintenance. Indeed, the language is considerably easier to understand than its competition, making it user friendly and a lot simpler to learn.

Python comes with various resources, including a standard library that spares you the time to implement common programming tasks like connecting to web servers, reading and modifying files, etc. Its interactive mode makes it easy to test short pieces of code, and there is a bundled development environment called IDLE that allows you to execute single statements and create, alter, and execute Python scripts.

Python can run on all popular platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh, among others. It is easily integrated with languages like C, C++ and JAVA.

What are the benefits of Python?

When to use Python

If you are developing an application based on a Graphical User Interface, like games, scientific applications, or graphic design applications, Python is the most adequate language to use. It is also extremely practical for the development of web frameworks, web applications, business applications, and prototyping.

Python is particularly popular within the FinTech industry, being the most prioritized programming language in this sector. These are also great examples of companies that adopted Python to their development:

Things to note before using Python

Python is not the best language for mobile development and is still being adapted to this medium. Memory consumption is a bit higher than usual, due to the flexibility of its data types.

Being such a simple language, with such intuitive syntax can eventually be a drawback when developers need to shift to a different language, having a more complex logical construction.

Python @ Infogion

Writing code for an application or a process serving some specific purpose is the job of experts. With Infogion by your side, we ensure that you get the best development team who can do justice to your Python-based program.

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