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Most Cost-effective, scalable and flexible technology on Earth!

A FREE hobby-blog to a Million dollar business setup - PHP can make it possible anytime.

What started as a general-purpose scripting language, has now evolved into the most fascinating technology in the Internet era empowering numerous businesses to thrive online. PHP (stands for Hypertext Preprocessor) is, so far, the most influential factor behind the rising and rise of blogging, content management system, web-based businesses, e-commerce, travel technologies, e-learning, social media, and so on. Extreme flexibility, fast processing, and above all – low cost of development, make PHP the choice No.1 for web application development.

What makes PHP stands apart?

Easy to use

PHP uses EASY syntax of language, functions, and methods for coding. It is easy to write as compared to other languages, does not need a compiler and supported by a huge collection of run-time libraries.

Platform independent coding

It is not designed for or made with a specific platform. PHP can run effectively across all major web browsers and operating systems while using low-end computing resources.

Compatible with major servers

PHP is COMPATIBLE with almost all major web server technologies. It can be mounted, setup and run in the least possible time and with the minimum possible interventions.

100% Open-source

PHP is completely and truly open-source with a simple architecture. At the top of that, whatever developed on PHP is also open-source; means, at any stage, you get to see everything in the code of the entire application from start to finish.

Highly transferable

Anyone with sufficient knowledge can start working on any PHP application at any stage provided he/she has some idea about the architecture. This gives the freedom to alter the programming resources or change the application altogether.

Power of Frameworks

PHP has the highest number of Frameworks which can serve even highly specific business requirements. A single framework can be used to create completely different web application which other platform hardly allow.

PHP Technologies at a glance


When To Use And Avoid PHP?

  • If you’re low on budget but high on features and requirements
  • Want to get the web application up and running quickly
  • Your application to be built around an API-driven environment with multiple external resources
  • It’s a blog, a social media platform, low-to-medium budget ecommerce, travel portal, a dynamic website…
  • You want to keep the maintenance cost to the minimum
  • You have modest development resources or options
  • You want to manage things yourself or with a handful of resources
  • You are a small-business or a startup

Avoid PHP If You Want To

  • If security is your biggest concern
  • Since it’s the most popular, it’s known inside out to everyone
  • If you cannot manage to get a good PHP team around
  • PHP’s flexibility is its biggest pitfall; even crappy will run too
  • If the budget is not a concern (go for Java or MEAN)

1. Understand your need

Understanding your needs is essential if we are to provide binding solutions. We listen to you and carefully take your complete requirements along with your business goals. The best part is – we also suggest things what you need the most for your business, not just what you merely want.

2. Assess your requirements

Once we have finished gathering all the information about your requirements, we assess them in relation to the available technologies. We map requirements process-by-process and pinpoint the best available technology and the partner who would provide the solution.

3. Recommend the suitable partner

Once we have established the appropriate technology for your project and zeroed on the right technology partner, we send you the recommendation in terms of cost, timeline etc. so that you are spot-on when you interact with the partner. Its the bridge we build between you and the technology service provider.

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