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What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a simple and lightweight e-commerce platform used to make small and medium-sized e-commerce websites. It provides a ready-made platform along with all standard features required to manage an e-commerce business. As of now, there are 300,000 websites use the OpenCart shopping system.

Characteristics of OpenCart E-commerce platform

Ready-to-use e-commerce

OpenCart is a cost-effective open source PHP based e-commerce shopping cart system that allows businesses to easily setup e-commerce stores. Open cart is built with its own framework that uses the model view controller pattern (MVC). Each module in OpenCart makes use of this paradigm; it has the Controller that creates logic which in turn gathers data from the Model and finally, releases this data to display in View.

OpenCart is extremely light and without the fanfare of the Magento. Unlike Magento, OpenCart owner is always in control of his/her site.

What are the benefits of OpenCart?

OpenCart is budget-friendly, quick and flexible. Although it offers relatively fewer features, it has those essential plus points:

When to use OpenCart to build an online store?

You should opt for OpenCart, if:

Whenever the need arises for a customized web shop to simplify your shopping business execution process, OpenCart remains one of the few open-source and exclusive technologies that help developers to build effective online shopping cart systems.

OpenCart @ Infogion

We are the go-to platform for your technology-related needs. Infogion partners with some of the finest OpenCart developers across the world who can help to build the most cost-effective and the least time-consuming online store. Our extensive presence and knowledge of the industry result in a better understanding of your requirements. Working with one of our partners is one of the best investment decisions you’ll make.

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