Next-generation CRMs to improve revenue and productivity in 2022

There are so many different departments in the organization such as the marketing team, support team, Service team, etc. which interact with the customers. So there are multiple points of interaction and when the customer is the base of our business, how are we going to manage all the interactions with the customer? 

But first, why do we need to manage those interactions? All the different departments work together to resolve the customer’s issue and satisfy the customer. For Instance, when a customer raises a request to repair his TV to the support team, but the support team doesn’t notify the service team, it will make the customer unhappy as his TV has not been repaired. 

What is CRM Software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that helps manage all the customers’ relationships and interactions with the organization so that all the different departments can work together to satisfy the customer by solving his needs. It not only helps in managing the existing customer interactions, but it can also help in acquiring new customers. So it helps both in customer retention as well as customer acquisition. 

How CRM works:

Before understanding how CRM works, let’s first understand what is the traditional way of managing interactions with the customers in an organization without using CRM. Just imagine, you are the owner of a small organization having around 10 customers. You regularly contact your customers for providing some service or selling your product. You take notes about the price your customer is asking for or any other details in handwritten notes such as sticky notes or an excel spreadsheet. 

Now you have released a hit product into the marketing, customers are flooding into your organization to buy your product. Finally, a good time has come for your organization. Now your customers count multiplied to more than a thousand and also you have recruited around 20 people for customer support and other departments. How are you going to manage your 1000s of customer interactions with your employees? 

This is where CRM comes. It maintains a central database repository of all your customers’ details and interactions in the cloud. Due to this, you now have a system where all your employees can easily coordinate with each other about all your customers and the interactions in one place.

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Top CRM Software You Need to Know:

HubSpot CRM:

  • HubSpot made any business have a look at their CRM by offering free service. The CRM is completely free which does not ask you to pay after a trial period. All the tools like lice chat, bots, ream inbox everything is offered free.
  • HubSpot also provides paid apps such as HubSpot sales and HubSpot marketing which will ease your functioning in both marketing and sales areas when your customers are increased by using Hubspot CRM.
  • HubSpot CRM serves any business irrespective of the size of the organization. And it also supports all the devices such as Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc. So even a small organization with any devices can get access easily.
  • To improve your business, you can get certifications given by HubSpot when you attend their training which will be highly beneficial. 
  • To make your business service better for your customers HubSpot CRM provides a great solution for marketing strategies that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Freshworks CRM:

  • If your business is looking for CRM software that improves and maintains the growth of customers which improves sales and track your sales funnel, Freshworks CRM will be one of your fine choices.
  • Freshworks CRM connects both your marketing team who are busy running the campaigns to advertise the product and the sales team the place turns leads into customers which makes the overall workflow step by step without any obstruction. 
  • As the tool is easy and simple to use it doesn’t take much time in setting up.  Freshsales is easy to start just by signing up for a new account with your mail.
  • With Freshworks you can have the best-automated sales cycle for your business which will handle from attracting the leads to converting the leads as customers.
  • Freshworks offers a pricing model that is monthly and annual which you can choose at your convenience. Freshworks CRM 

Pipedrive CRM:

  • Pipedrive CRM gives your salespeople better clarity with its Pipeline visual data feature. This also helps you to manage your sales effectively.
  • The Pipedrive has chatbot functionality where you can easily chat and get the data or statistics related to your deals and customers just with the commands rather than using the UI and clicking it on endlessly.
  • You can easily try out their CRM software with full access using the free trial as it doesn’t require any credit card information.

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Top 7 Reasons to Use CRM Software in Business:

Better Data Organization:

CRM works effectively in data management. When data such as customers, contacts, leads are imported into the system CRM converts these data into effective information such as sales and engagement which is essential for your business. CRM provides accurate data and information since its updating feature.

Enhanced Communication:

Consistent efforts will always lead to great results. In a similar way to maintain better customer relationships, CRM has automatic reminders, messages, and email templates that send an automatic message to the customers regularly. This helps in improving communication.

Identify and Categorize Leads:

To collect other campaign data, CRM software integrates with other software so that it can automate marketing. By this process, CRM software collects data such as lead demographic and market funnels. Now with the data collected CRM identifies the information who are interested in your product so that it is easy to identify the target customer with CRM software.

Centralized database of information:

CRM provides centralized data i.e any employee who got the authority of accessing the information by the company can access the data and information in the database. If a sales manager needs to know any information regarding the last purchase of a customer he could easily access the data that the CRM software has collected and included in the database. This feature helps in understanding the needs of customers better so that it will be easy to increase the sales of any product.

Improved customer retention:

Retaining customers is an important factor for the success of any organization. With CRM software by fulfilling customers’ needs as per their satisfaction leads to retaining customers which also brings new customers to the business. Overall this helps in the growth and success of an organization.

Helps in acquiring new customers:

Becoming a customer of an organization is not just a one-step process, it involves many steps from gathering the contact details to converting them as a customer. When you find someone who has a chance of becoming a customer he is called a potential customer. The process starts by gathering the potential customers’ contact data and storing and later enriching it for easy accessibility, for all the departments in the organization. CRM helps in many ways in acquiring new customers, like, showing us what stage a particular potential customer is and who all contacted him to convert him into a customer, what is the total deal amount and profit we are expecting from this customer, and how far we are from achieving it.

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Improves sales by using machine learning:

Many CRM software today comes with machine learning and AI capabilities that provide sales predictions for this month or year or any date range. Some CRM software is so powerful and they provide more predictions such as how much a customer might spend in the future, how many percent of chances a potential customer can become a customer, and what is the best time to contact a customer, and so on.


With CRM, managing customers becomes so easy that you don’t have to fear maintaining the customer’s interaction across the organization. If you want me to list the only tool that you should consider for would business, it would be CRM. All other tools in business management just help you maintain the data, CRM is the only tool that helps in acquiring new customers and improving the existing customers. This tool also helps you in finding out the best customers, so that you can spend more time on them and make them happy to retain them.

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