MySQL Database

MySQL Database

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database commonly used for online publishing and web applications. MySQL is open-source, based on the Structured Query Language, and backed by Oracle. It was designed to effectively handle large databases and is normally installed on a single machine.

MySQL can run on all platforms including Windows, Linux, and UNIX, and is a component of LAMP, an open-source enterprise stack. The LAMP enterprise stack comprises Linux as the operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as the relational database management system, and PHP or Python as the object-oriented scripting language.

Basic characteristics of MySQL

MySQL is written in both C and C++ languages making it accessible across different platforms including UNIX, Mac, Linux and Windows using standard SQL commands. Additionally, data stored in MySQL accessed different multiple storage engines such as CSV, InnoDB, and NDB. 

MySQL is able to support large databases containing millions of all types of data. It is able to replicate data and partition tables for durability and improved performance. MySQL makes use of an encrypted password system and access privilege to allow host-based verification.

Reasons behind the popularity of MySQL

The MySQL server handles all database instructions and can be availed as a separate program to be used in the client-server networked environment. The MySQL server is also used as a library embedded into separate applications. Connection to MySQL server is possible through several protocols, including TCP/IP sockets across platforms.

How MySQL is used

MySQL is preferred for small to medium websites, PHP and Java-based web applications that work alongside a database storage backend. Being open-source and free, MySQL is available on a majority of shared hosting packages and is easy to install on Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments. 

In applications that never support transactions, MySQL is commonly used with the MyISAM storage engine that stores each table as a set of three files. MySQL is used with the InnoDB storage engine for applications that support transactions.

MySQL @ Infogion

We will connect you with leading MySQL developers who will set up data storage for your web apps according to your unique business needs. Our partners have been carefully chosen from a pool of the best MySQL developers who are able to deploy the LAMP enterprise stack. Our work is to guarantee that you will be matched with professional, responsive and reliable MySQL experts who will deliver well ahead of schedule.

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