What is Meteor.js?

Meteor is an open-source platform for web, mobile and desktop development written using Node.js. Meteor is developed by Meteor Software and was initially released under the name Skybreak in 2011. Currently, it is being used by companies like Mazda, Ikea, and

What are the characteristics of Meteor.js?

Meteor.js is an isomorphic web framework, meaning that it runs both on the client and the server. It integrates with other JavaScript frameworks like Angular, VueJS, etc., and with MongoDB. It allows for the integration of packages to improve front-end development, like Tracker and Blaze or third-party application.

Meteor provides a tool called WebStorm that debugs apps built with Meteor and performs functions as removal of collections, display of client-side docs, modification of documents, etc. There is a real-time testing procedure embedded in Meteor; as soon as you save the code, the test runs. 

Galaxy, the web hosting service for Meteor apps, greatly reduces the time and effort spent on the deployment of Meteor. js-based applications.

Key benefits of Meteor.js

When to use Meteor.js

Meteor is best suited when you want to create an application with large cross-platform capabilities. It is also an efficient solution for the construction of real-time applications; all the app layers from the database to templates, update automatically when data is changed, and the changes are instantly saved as well.

Things to note before using Meteor.js

There is an active and supportive community of Meteor developers, and regular meetings and conferences are organized to discuss the framework’s potentials and progress in development. The developers offer clear and abundant documentation.

As a drawback, Meteor recognizes only MongoDB as the official database. This framework also requires a strong internet connection to perform at the expected level.

Meteor.js @ Infogion

There are so many JavaScript frameworks available today that it becomes sometimes difficult to select the most suitable one for your application. Since a development team may not have the same level of skill or comfort in all the major JS frameworks, the business is often forced to opt for the one in which the development team is comfortable. You need Infogion exactly at this point! Since we are connected with multiple development companies and teams with diversified skills across all the major JavaScript platforms, we are in a better position to judge them. Moreover, our experts can guide you to go for the right JS platform for your application. 

In the end, Infogion makes the difference between a high-performance and a ‘just working’ app.

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