MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack is the best-suited technology solution for any web and mobile-based application hosted on the cloud. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. MEAN Stack is a combination of all these JavaScript technologies which, can maximize benefit and help to achieve your project goals. It is ideal for website development and the building of web applications. 

The creative features of MEAN Stack ease website development and ensure high-standard results. Every individual component in the collection plays an important role in the success of your IT project. MongoDB is the document database and Express is the back-end framework hosting Node.js. On the other hand, Angular runs your JavaScript code in the user’s browser and provides testability, reusability and maintenance, while Node.js is the runtime environment for building your application.

MEAN Stack simplifies your web development since all its components use a single JavaScript language coding. There is therefore smooth integration.

What are the characteristics of MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is relatively new, but its efficiency and multiple functions have continuously contributed to its rising popularity. It is best suited for any Web Development project targeting the cloud and is very adaptable for many web applications due to the versatility of its common programming language. Because of this, it is also relatively straightforward and quick, and you can also reuse the same code for the whole application.

MEAN Stack is an open-source JavaScript software stack, which means its acquisition is free and it gets updated often. It is very basic and easy to use for both front-end and back-end in different technologies. The Stack can easily be deployed since it contains its own web server, and in case of temporary spikes in usage, the database can be scaled on demand. It is also optimized to utilize the cloud’s improvement in performance and cost savings. Employability, adaptability, scalability and affordability are its unique features.

Key benefits of MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack has really overtaken other JavaScript technologies because of the many benefits accrued from it. Some of the benefits of MEAN Stack include:

When to use MEAN Stack

If you are working on a project that requires scalability, flexibility, quick client to server switching, and multi-user interactivity, then MEAN Stack is the best for you. Some of the instances where MEAN can be used include calendars, expense tracking, news aggregation sites, chat applications, brokerage trading dashboards, real-time tracking, mapping and location finding applications. Owing to its speediness and the great user experience that MEAN Stack guarantees, you’ll never regret spending your money on it. 

MEAN Stack @ Infogion

Infogion partners with some of the best highly rated MEAN Stack development teams worldwide. Our partners will help you deliver a modern web application project on MEAN Stack, with your specific needs in mind. Infogion chooses the best MEAN Stack team possessing skills and experience in line with your project demands. You can never regret working with our chosen team because we only give our clients the best of the best. Trust Infogion to connect you with the best MEAN Stack experts for your project.

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