JavaScript Frameworks: Incomparable processing Power on Web

JavaScript offers powerful and responsive solutions for web app and web page development

Developers today use JavaScript to execute a wide array of programming tasks that range from simple automation to the creation of complex web applications. JavaScript is an excellent choice for developing cross-platform applications and dynamic websites that enhance business and productivity. Working with this language allows you to quickly create websites and apps, and there are numerous instruments and tools to make your evolution easy and fast. The popularity of this programming language traverses the realm of web pages and web apps such that JavaScript is now widely used in server-side programming, software programming as well as in creating embedded hardware controls.

JavaScript has risen to a position of popularity in the world of web and mobile development, currently being the most used programming language in the world.  The collection of libraries and frameworks available for JavaScript is so advantageous and substantial that you may have difficulties choosing the best option.

What makes JavaScript 'relevant'?

Client-Side Execution

JavaScript is usually executed on the client environment thereby saving bandwidth and enhancing the speed of execution.

Rapid Development

The simplicity of JavaScript makes it relatively easy to implement. Client-side JavaScript is particularly fast because network calls to servers do not affect JavaScript.

Event-Based Programming

Because it’s an event-based language, different code segments are only executed when a particular event takes place. This is key to success for the increasing popular JS Frameworks and NodeJS.


JavaScript can be implemented in a wide range of applications. JavaScript can be incorporated into a web page regardless of its file extension. It can additionally be used to in scripts that have been written in different languages like PHP and Perl.


JavaScript is so versatile that it can be used exclusively to create an entire JavaScript application from server-side to frontend. It supports HTML and CSS, enhances frontend functionality and gives a better browsing experience.

Browser Compatibility

JavaScript supports every browser in the world. Besides PC, it is equally useful for mobile and tablets and helps the webpages to load, render and deliver content in a presentable way.

Notable JavaScript technologies

angular 1


AngularJS is a JavaScript web development framework developed by Google. It is useful for both web and mobile applications. Its main advantages are speed, performance, and the incredible tools available- like libraries.



NodeJS is a unique and very powerful technology which allows you to develop both client- and server-side applications. It is free, has strong community support and an immense collection of open source libraries and tools. NodeJS is lightweight and extremely efficient.



ReactJS was created by Facebook as an open source web development library. It concentrates on the optimization of user interfaces and the display of data on screen. Additional speed, flexibility and predictability is gained when you use this library in large scale projects.



VueJS is a progressive JavaScript framework. This instrument is ideal to incrementally integrate in already existing projects, improving their stability and structural organization. The main focus of this framework is the creation of responsive and appealing user interfaces.


MEAN Stack

MEAN (MongoDB-Express-Angular-Node) is a free JavaScript software stack. MEAN is used to develop both server-side and client-side environments, using only one language. This software set includes MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js and permits the creation of complete applications without the need for further tools.


ExpressJS is a NodeJS web application framework that aims at being minimal and flexible. It places at your disposal various HTTP methods and offers all the Node.js features. It’s a web and API development tool licensed by MIT.



MeteorJS is an evolving JS framework that offers a faster way to build a project from scratch. This is a framework that allows you to develop more with less code, and includes a set of tools to build reactive client applications, besides supporting tools from other packages.



JQuery one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use, being also one of the first to be widely adopted. It is refined by the longer time of usage but is not a complete solution. Jquery is usually combined with HTML and other JS to enhance visual aspects.

Pros And Cons Of Javascript


For high-performing processes, Java is still the best option

 A web application where pages load in a snap

 Single Page Applications (SPA) where you show up everything on one page

 Travel, E-commerce, online utility service booking – JavaScript works the best

 A page where you need to change the content of one part without disturbing others or reloading the page (such as sports score website)

 More technically, you have defined mark-up and you want to bind server-side data

 Enhancing User Interactions in a way that makes the website more productive and exciting to users

 If it’s a chat or a gaming application, NodeJS works the best – better than Java, PHP or ASP.Net

 Works uniformly for web and mobile applications – especially the APIs


 Web pages and apps that need ultra-high security levels. There are some security drawbacks of using JavaScript that makes it vulnerable to such exploits a cross-site scripting, cross-site request, etc.

 JavaScript Frameworks developers are costlier than others and still a very few.

 JS as a full-fledged development technology is yet to accepted extensively

 Certain aspects of JS as a programming language for the web, is still experimental.

Proficency Of Our JS Partners

Mobile Applications

Our partners have extensive industry expertise in building JavaScript apps for Android and iOS implementing JavaScript to seamlessly support cross-platform deployment and compatibility

Game development

Coupled with our partners’ immense game development knowledge and experience, makes them some of the world’s most talented developers who can create excellent game solutions with rich graphics and transformations.

Web Development

Our partners have mastered JavaScript as a scripting language for developing flawless webpages. They also offer additional services in custom theme development, plugin development, and integration as well as website maintenance and support.

Server-side Development

Our JavaScript Partners’ capabilities include the creation of excellent server-side programming using Node.js. High-performing and flawlessness – are the hallmarks of our JS partners, globally.

Migrate to JS

Transform your lethargic web application using expert migration services using JS Frameworks

Mobile app development

Use of React Native to develop cross-platform mobile applications

MEAN Development

Partners have skilled MEAN resources – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS developers

unconventional development

Any unconventional or idea-based project – take the help of our JS partners.

How we Help You In Javascript

1. Understand your need

Understanding your needs is essential if we are to provide binding solutions. We listen to you and carefully take your complete requirements along with your business goals. The best part is – we also suggest things what you need the most for your business, not just what you merely want.

2. Assess your requirements

Once we have finished gathering all the information about your requirements, we assess them in relation to the available technologies. We map requirements process-by-process and pinpoint the best available technology and the partner who would provide the solution.

3. Recommend the suitable partner

Once we have established the appropriate technology for your project and zeroed on the right technology partner, we send you the recommendation in terms of cost, timeline etc. so that you are spot-on when you interact with the partner. Its the bridge we build between you and the technology service provider.

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