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Java is in almost anything, anywhere in the world & beyond

Use Java to build robust, dependable and large-scale technology infrastructure for your business

From spaceship to microwave oven or MRI scanner to joysticks, Java powers everything. Java is the most reliable and widely-used technology in system programming, application development, mobility, web and emerging technologies. The unprecedented dynamism of Java and its ‘run anywhere’ enables programs to talk across different platforms and domains.

Why Java is the ‘Best’?


Thanks to JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Java programs once written, can be literally run on any device or operating system. JVM itself can be superimposed on any OS or hardware quite easily.


Java is both complied and interpreted; its architecture ensures early checking of possible ‘exceptions’ in the code through its Compiler and reduces annoying run-time errors in programs.

Secured & fortified

  • Java ‘bytecode’ encrypts the actual code when ported from one environment to another and thus makes the program virtually impenetrable. The JVM sandbox takes care of the security of Java.


  • Performance of a Java app can be scaled up exponentially because of wide availability of components. New features and better performance can be achieved through minimum no. of programming hours.

High performing

  • Java has excellent memory management system; besides, the JIT (Just In Time) compiler help code run on-demand mode. JIT ensures faster compiling and better performance.

Matured architecture

  • Java architecture has been evolved as the most trusted, tested and accepted programming architecture in the world of computing. Java along with the numerous technologies it supports offer unlimited options to IT professionals.

A few notable Java-based technologies

How InfoGion Connects You with Java technologies

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How Can We Help You In Java?

1. Understand your need

Understanding your needs is essential if we are to provide binding solutions. We listen to you and carefully take your complete requirements along with your business goals. The best part is – we also suggest things what you need the most for your business, not just what you merely want.

2. Assess your requirements

Once we have finished gathering all the information about your requirements, we assess them in relation to the available technologies. We map requirements process-by-process and pinpoint the best available technology and the partner who would provide the solution.

3. Recommend the suitable partner

Once we have established the appropriate technology for your project and zeroed on the right technology partner, we send you the recommendation in terms of cost, timeline etc. so that you are spot-on when you interact with the partner. Its the bridge we build between you and the technology service provider.

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