iOS App Development

iOS App Development

Overview: iOS App Development

Like any product of Apple Inc., iOS apps also symbolize precision, performance and visual impact. However, unlike Apple’s products, iOS apps are developed by iOS development companies/teams who make use of Apple’s proprietary languages or platforms like Objective C and Swift. A successful app whether for mass use or serving a specific purpose goes through a series of arduous processing before it gets the desired acceptance.

Key elements of iOS apps

What should you know before you start

Mobile App development is a complex and tedious process as compared to enterprise software development or even developing a desktop computer app. The basic reason being a Smartphone, albeit being ‘smart’, is ultimately not a fully functional computer. It has its own set of limitations and a mobile user tends to responds much faster than a computer user. A few key elements of the iOS app development process are:

As a business owner, once you have the answers to these questions, you will know how exactly your mobile app should be. 

BEFORE developing any iOS App

Apple categorically asks an app owner to make sure to understand and try implementing the following:

Loading: Content loading is the most critical part and it breaks or makes the app. If the content is lengthy (e.g. a list of products with names, prices and images), there should be a progress gauge or a spinner so that the user knows that an activity is taking place. Make sure your developer implements the necessary techniques to reduce loading time. Also, ask the creative team to use instructional, educative or entertaining graphics while the content loads, if needed.

Modality: Modality is the process of creating a focus on modal activities of an app – such as a message or option, alerts etc. that prevents other activities on the app until the action sought by the modal view is completed. It is advisable to minimize the modal views and use these to deliver key information. 

Navigation: An app’s navigation is crucial to its success. The key to success is to use navigation that supports the overall use/function of the app. Navigation should be lucid, clear and ‘feel natural’ for the user and it should not occupy too much space. A master UI designer knows these facts and given the facts and figures of the app, he/she create desirable navigation. Being the app owner, you should remember this.

User onboarding: The onboarding process is the first experience of the user with the app. Therefore, it should be fast, educational and interesting. The onboarding, among other things, must focus on the essential things around the app rather on lengthy information, promo content or asking the user details which he/she may not prefer to share at the beginning.

Settings: It is always good to give a settings option in the app instead of spreading settings related activities all across the app. As the app owner, you should first find out the settings features and discuss with the development team before finalizing.

How to select the right iOS development team

iOS app development is like producing good wines, you need to serve a ‘sophisticated’ band of elegant people with finer tastes. The finesse of iOS development is determined by a major factor: development skills that give life to fine UI mastery. The team you go for, may not necessarily have the ‘similar development experience’, but they must have the experience of developing apps whose complexity, UI and overall user-base should be comparable to yours.

iOS App Development @ Infogion

At Infogion, our job is to find the right team who can take care of your entire app development process. So, before we find the dream-team for you, we first understand your requirements and map those with related technologies, services, APIs and whatever needed in the development process. At this point, our job will be to find the best available options to develop the app.

Next comes another set of mapping. We take the project requirements, its scope, your budget and the dependencies and start looking for the most suitable development team. Once we find our teams, we reassess skills, expertise and experience in similar projects or scenarios and finally select a chosen for you to decide. 

App development is a high precision job and to get it done you need a team that is 100% reliable. Infogion will ensure this for you.

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