What is Hibernate?

Hibernate is short for Hibernate Object Relational Mapping tool (ORM) and is a special type of mapping tool used along with the Java platform. The Hibernate mapping tool specializes in object relational mismatch issues by accessing complex objects and putting them all in the right place. This is a great tool to help in fixing inconsistencies in your object handling. It makes work much more efficient and error-free.

Characteristics of Hibernate

Database independent, robust solution – ahead of JDBC

Hibernate ORM has some of the best features that you can have for free. Here are a few characteristics that you can enjoy when you’re using Hibernate ORM:

What are the benefits of Hibernate?

Because of the various features of Hibernate ORM, there is a long list of benefits that Hibernate ORM has to offer. Here are a few of them:

When to use Hibernate

If you are developing applications that require a lot of data layer accessing, then Hibernate is the ideal tool to use. Usually, it’s JDBC that can be used to map through various objects that are also Java based as well as database tables. Usually, you would have to map through them manually, but Hibernate ORM eliminates various coding lines between these objects so that you don’t need to do the coding manually. Generally, Hibernate ORM has a better performance rate than JDBC.

Hibernate @ Infogion

We ensure that whoever gives you Hibernate solution, the best in the business

Hibernate is one of the best mapping tools that you can use for Java applications. Here at Infogion, we have only the best Hibernate ORM users and consultants that can help you with your Java programming. With our skills in Hibernate ORM, you’ll definitely get the setup that you want for your enterprise.

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