Grails Framework

What is Grails?

Grails, also known as Groovy on Rails, is a programming language based on the Apache Groovy platform. It’s a framework that encourages coding by convention paradigm and promotes better productivity during development. It brings the power of Java frameworks Spring and Hibernate combined to form a more efficient and high-performance programming paradigm. Grails is easy to use, efficient, and capable of meeting complex project requirements.

Characteristics of Grails

Grails is a full-stack framework predominantly for web development. Grails differs from other traditional Java frameworks since it has no XML configuration, offers a ready-to-deploy programming environment and comes with a vast set of functionalities through mixins. A few noteworthy Grails characteristics are:

What are the benefits of Grails?

Grails makes a great Java-based programming language specifically, for the web. It is a highly productive platform since the developer has the freedom to adopt ‘convention over configuration’ and write DRY (don’t repeat yourself) code. There is no need to write boilerplate codes; if there is any java code available that fits the requirement, the developer can promptly use it in the Grails environment. :

When to use Grails?

Grails is used by some big names (LinkedIn and Walmart, for example) in the world today. It’s resourcefulness, better productivity and ability to handle complex tasks–are the reasons that companies opt for Grails. So, go for Grails, if your project has following requirements:

Grails @ Infogion

Grails developers are not WordPress theme installers. They are top-line programmers with total command over Java, have a deep knowledge of framework architecture and varied industry exposures. Fortunately, with Infogion at the helm, your Grails project is at safe hands. Based on your project requirement, we can find you the most suitable Grails team at your budget and defined timeline. We will make sure you get the team that conforms your quality to the letter and make your application up and running successfully.

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