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What is Google Cloud?

Google cloud is a suite of cloud computing services that Google offers to global users. Branded as GCP ( Google Cloud Platform), it provides services such as computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning. It also provides serverless computing environments. 

Over 90 services are offered under the Google Cloud band. This organization also offers personalized business solutions and is supporting companies like Twitter, LG and Sky.

What are the characteristics of Google Cloud?

Power of Google; what else?

The use of the cloud allows companies to reduce their physical assets and the maintenance costs associated with them and streamline their computational processes. Google cloud provides all the means for cloud-based development. 

Google Cloud helps you modernize your infrastructure, running natively systems like SAP and Oracle. It presents various security solutions so that you can choose the one that better adapts to your demands. The platform offers tools to help your organization with data management and analytics, application development and artificial intelligence and machine learning integration. 

Benefits of using Google Cloud

When to use Google Cloud

To use Google, you must be on Google (always)

Google cloud has implemented solutions in numerous areas, including retail, financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, telecommunications and most significant in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

As an example, the Airbus’ division Defence and Space uses Google Cloud to build a scalable online platform, enabling customers to access petabytes of satellite information in real-time. The adoption of this platform reduced the time required for customers to access the imagery from several hours to less than half a second. It eliminated the constraints in size and number of users.

Things to note before using Google Cloud

Google Cloud has a good premium support system, but less community support as compared with AWS. Users find the platform interface confusing at times. 

Google Cloud and Infogion

Finding the right resource or the company to help you in cloud computing is not so easy and if the platform os GCP, it becomes tough. There are N number of factors to consider before you hire a team to do any work on Google Cloud. If you do not assess these properly, you may end up in a never-ending loop. At Infogion, our job is to prevent that. Give is chance and we will help you find the best Google Cloud team who will charge the most reasonable fees and at the same time, get the job done.


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