What is ExpressJS?

ExpressJS is the framework of choice to build of web applications using NodeJS technology. ExpressJS facilitates the building of server applications and acts as the glue between front-end applications, databases and other data-sources. ExpressJS (a constituent of the MEAN family) ended the age-old concept using JavaScript as the programming language for adding interactivity on the front end only.

ExpressJS and Node.js provide back-end functionality which allows developers to build a web application with JavaScript on the server side. Developers can now build server-side applications with Node.js and then publish the NodeJS apps as websites using the ExpressJS framework.

The ExpressJS framework can be layered with a built-in structure and functions required in building a website. The lightweight framework avails developers with built-in features for web apps and the Express API that complements a robust and feature-laden Node.js platform.

Characteristics of ExpressJS Framework

The ExpressJS framework is written in JavaScript and makes use of the Node.js ecosystem which is highly adaptable to provide different solutions that come with unique features. ExpressJS is interchangeable with other web application frameworks for the back-end.

ExpressJS is available with two templating engines EJS and Jade which make it easy to build a web structure that allows the flow of data. Additionally, the ExpressJS supports the Model-View-Controller architecture which makes it easy to build websites in a model-driven format.

For web application development, the Express Generator helps in creating complex applications in a faster mode. The framework is platform independent making it ideal for cross-platform web app development.

What are the benefits of ExpressJS?

When to use ExpressJS?

The ExpressJS framework is recommended for the development of web applications, websites and cross-platform mobile apps since it cuts down programming time by about half. The framework is flexible, scalable and is based on JavaScript which is easy to learn or manipulate. ExpressJS is therefore ideal for building a single page, multi-page, or hybrid web and mobile apps, back-end functions for web applications, and APIs.

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