Energy is the most talked-about industry that goes through continuous improvement since ages. In today’s context, energy in more about renewing, distributing and generating – all at a lower cost and without impacting the environment. 

Innovations in the Energy sector


Microgrids which store power and can operate independently from the main power grid, are being integrated with AI systems which can control the flow of current between micro and main grids, and as a result, improve operation.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources like solar power have continued to gain traction over fossil fuels, the increase in popularity of electric vehicles has also boosted the demand for electricity over fossil fuels; fuel cells electrochemically combine hydrogen and oxygen and convert the resulting chemical energy to electricity directly without combustion.

Process digitization

Digitization of several processes in the industry dubbed Energy 4.0, has resulted in the introduction of intelligent energy and power management solutions. Power stations can now deliver power on-demand, thus efficiently managing the supply.

Virtual power networks

Virtual energy networks that are simulations of existing networks, and are used in conjunction with AI algorithms to help improve existing energy networks. A virtual power plant can work remotely and combine disparate energy sources to provide a continuous power supply.

Technology-driven processes

How technology directs processes in the power sector

Generation: The process of energy generation is highly reliant on technology regardless of whether the energy source is the wind, water from dams, geothermal, solar, and nuclear. Computerized processes now control every stage of power generation.

Storage: Storage in Power grids are controlled by a computerized system, and recently AI is being implemented to efficiently carry out the process. 

Distribution: Technology facilitates the optimal distribution of network infrastructure, planning and forecasting the production of energy, the control and regulation of power levels, and automatic adjustments to meet demand. 

Consumption: How one consumes energy is now almost completely tech-driven. Technology can accurately calculate, forecast and optimize the consumption of power.

Monitoring: From power grids to the electricity meter at home – are all now network-driven and remotely monitored. Computerized monitoring now helps in deciding the generation, storage and distribution of power. 

How we help

We can help to choose the technology service provider for the energy industry

Technology, especially software applications used in the energy sector must be glitch-free, high-performing and robust. So if you are from the energy sector looking for a technology partner who can conceptualize, develop and maintain applications for your business or organization, you need the most trusted one in the business. Needless to say, you can leave that piece work for us. We will source, check and connect you with the best in the business so that you get the right solution you need.

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