Big Data

Big Data

What is Big data?

Big Data is a field of study and practice that deals with the large amounts of data to which businesses are exposed every day – by analyzing and extracting meaningful and sensible information. Today, this term is associated with the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, and other methods that obtain value from information.

What makes Big data really 'big'

In Big data, we consider data sets that are both large and too complex to be treated with traditional applications. Thanks to present-day consumers’ constant connection to the internet, and the continuous collection of information that occurs through devices and applications, businesses are often left with a very large volume of information. To create something useful from those sets, companies usually go through these steps:

Big data is commonly used to help businesses make intelligent decisions based on evidence, increasing predictability and profitability. Big data can power machine learning systems or any AI-based scenarios where learning is a necessity to make the program evolve.

What are the benefits of Big Data?

Big data is already being used in various industries and with many purposes, but new ways to apply this technology are being found every day. Here are some examples of how you can start today improving your business with big data:

Big data scenarios

In elite sports, big data is being used to track athlete’s nutrition and sleep, and some teams are going as far as to monitor the player’s wellbeing through his use of social media. The NFL has developed a platform available to all teams, that helps in decision making based on the weather, the condition of the field’s grass, individual player’s statistics, etc.

Big data is even used to improve lifestyle, through the optimization of public structures and cities. By combining the information concerning traffic flow, weather data, and social media occurrences, in real time, utilities are being fine-tuned to extreme lengths. Traffic lights and signals, for example, can adapt to accommodate irregularities, minimize risk, and eliminate road traffic.

Things to note before using Big Data

Data quality is very disparate at the sources, and any big data analysis system should be able to address quality issues. This technology is currently on a fast-track mode and it is necessary to be careful before adopting Big data.

Big data @ Infogion

To take full advantage of Big data, you will need to hire a team experts, since it is too complex to handle in any any ordinary manner. At Infogion, we make sure that you are served by a top-level Big data team.

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