Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the superposition of virtual information – like text, images, and sound – over the reality that surrounds us. It allows you to experience an enhanced version of the real environment around you, changing the way you interact with objects and scenarios.

How to characterize AR

Augmented Reality is based on the capacity of your system to quickly and accurately register the characteristics of the user’s environment. The interaction is supposed to be real-time. The way the digital components relate and integrate into the real world is the key to the creation of augmented reality. The goal is not simply to display information but to build an immersive, sensorial experience. 

This might seem like futuristic technology, but there are various current uses for it. An example would be the heads-up displays used in fighter aircraft, that exhibit information about the altitude, speed, etc. of the aircraft. The gaming industry is also in the front-line of the development of this technology; however, uses are being found in all areas, like healthcare and education.

What are the benefits of Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality in practical use

Augmented reality can be used to enhance peoples’ life in almost every field, concerning our health, education, work-place conditions, and even in the way we experience commerce and retail.

In manufacturing, for example, augmented reality can accelerate operations in a factory ground. Project managers can monitor production in real-time by collecting indicators on machines; augmented reality can enable workers to instantly access and explore plants, projects, procedures, or even project models. It can also show how certain parts will fit in the final product. 

In respect to teaching and learning, our old paradigms are being changed; medical students can simulate surgeries and medical procedures; the same applies to future pilots, astronauts, etc. 

Augmented reality applications are also available on our phones; some games have famously adopted this technology to create a more immersive experience and retail businesses are exploring in a myriad of different ways its possibilities. When shopping online, you will be able to use virtual fitting rooms or see how a new color or furniture looks at your apartment.

Things to note before using Augmented Reality

It is a fairly expensive technology. Current applications depend on the use of certain equipment that may not be available to everyone; applications that work through headsets and mobile devices are accessible to a broader public but do not use the full potential of augmented reality.

Infogion and the world of AR

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