Artificial Intelligence Chips: 5 Latest Chips Shows How Bright the Future of AI Will Be

Artificial Intelligence Chip is the burning issue in modern technology and its future is promising. But the struggle to match human Intelligence will never be easy, here is why. 

Since its establishment in the 1950s, Artificial Intelligence is said to be the key to revolutions in many spheres of modern technology. The term Artificial Intelligence was created at the Dartmouth Conference in 1956. It simply means the computer or robot that is controlled by a computer performs different activities which are normally performed by humans, simply because they require human Intelligence. These activities may differ from place to place based on the mode of design or technology. It may be the ability to reason, discover meanings, learn from mistakes, and more. 

For years now, many improvements have been made to Artificial Intelligence. The creation of specialized silicon chips (Artificial Intelligence Chips) which incorporates AI technology is one of them. Artificial Intelligence knowledge is a very deep knowledge to ever existed in human history. And as the days go on, it gets bigger and bigger. But mind you, AI-empowered machines are getting smaller and smaller.  

“From 3 to 8 years we’ll have a machine with the general intelligence of an average human being…”, Marvin Minsky one of the CO founders of AI told Life Magazine in 1970. Artificial Intelligence Chips technology has assisted the development of systems endowed with human characteristics. Saudi Arabian human-like Robot Sophia activated in 2016 is one of many vivid examples. 

Currently, Artificial Intelligence Chips aren’t particularly intelligent by human standards. They are clever and with time they are going to be even more clever. Every day billions of dollars are invested in AI technology, hopefully, the future will be bright. Among many available Artificial Intelligence Chips, today we’ll look at these 5 special Artificial Intelligence Chips. 

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Intel Loihi 2 

This is one of the latest Artificial Intelligence Chips announced and launched on September 30, 2021. It was designed and manufactured by Intel Labs. Intel Loihi 2 is the successor to Loihi and a second-generation Neuromorphic research test chip. Intel Loihi 2 predecessor Loihi has been used by many researchers to find and create solutions to different problems. With its improvements, Intel Loihi 2 is believed that it’ll impact different technologies and create solutions like to control drones or robot limbs. Not only that but also to optimize train schedules, search databases, and more.

“…Our second-generation chip greatly improves speed, programmability, and capacity of neuromorphic processing…” – Mike Davies, director of Intel Neuromorphic Computing Labs. Several improvements have been made on Intel Loihi 2 compared to Loihi. Intel Loihi 2 architecture supports new classes of complex algorithms and applications. It offers up to 10 times faster processing than Loihi, its resource density is 15 times greater with 1 million neurons per 1 chip. There is a lot to brag about Intel Loihi 2 but let’s jump to; 

Google Tensor 

At the Pixel 6 launch event, google used most of its efforts elaborating the new Tensor System-on-a-chip (SoC). Pixel 6 pairing Pixel 6 Pro as the latest devices used Google Tensor Chip. Thanks to google, we now have the most powerful chipset for mobile phones, as they claimed it to be. After years of relying on Qualcomm, google explained that they needed a chip that is good at AI works. And that was a green light as they started with Google Tensor on their pixel mobile phones. 

Google Tensor is so big on the security of devices. It has the new security system framework – the Titan M2. This new system will perform numerous important functions to secure the safety of devices. As Google said, it will protect sensitive data like passwords and PINs against breaches. Its security core is highly effective and it will do processing and separate data from the main CPU. Not just security but also Google Tensor is said to offer fast speed than previously used Chips, especially on pixel mobiles. 

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Ambarella CV52S 

When my senses came across this AI Chip I was amazed at how beautiful and powerful it was crafted. Ambarella CV52S Chip has a lot to offer in terms of specs. With this chip you’ll enjoy high efficiency in video encoding and decoding, a flexible low power platform, it has advanced image processing and it can accommodate 4K-IP cameras with advanced artificial intelligence, machine vision, and complex robotics application.  

Ambarella CV52S Chip architecture enables computer vision processing at full 4K. it also provides amazing imaging even on low light conditions, processing and extracting maximum image details in high contrast scenes. Ambarella CV52S Chip comes with a software development kit specifically designed to help users to port their neural network on the chip. Mind you, this kit is packed with the complete set of tools for software and AI implementation. Several powerful and unique technologies of our time have also been used to strengthen the security of Ambarella CV52S Chip from memory to the security of the general device. 

Atlazo AZ-N1

This is also one of the latest inventions in AI technology. AZ-N1 System-on-Chip is the first generation launched by the San Francisco chip maker Atlazo. One of the main targets for Atlazo AZ-N1 SoC development was to create Smart Hearables. This powerful fully-integrated SoC has used modern and efficient Artificial Intelligence technologies for audio, health monitoring, voice, and sensors. 

The energy-efficient Atlazo AZ-N1 offers connectivity on Bluetooth devices and the good thing about it is that it can support 4 microphones at one time. This is possible because of its low-power CODEC. The introduction of Atlazo AZ-N1 is said to be one of the great help in the Hearing Aids Market which is expected to grow from 2020 to 2026. 

You need to know the feature of Artificial intelligence


From NVIDIA Data Center Solution, you’ll find a powerful tiny chip called NVIDIA A100. With TF32, NVIDIA A100 provides up to 20X higher performance compared to its predecessor NVIDIA Volta. NVIDIA A100 has 54 billion transistors and that makes it so powerful compared to many SoC. It uses the same Ampere Architecture used in the consumer applications like Nvidia’s GeForce Graphics Chips. 

Unlike other Chips, NVIDIA A100 is not intended for gamers. Instead, it’s a direct replacement to the Volta-based V100. In the previous version, Volta never directly came to customers. They share some similarities but NVIDIA A100 is packed with new features which make it way better than Volta. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Chips 

As the burning issue in modern technology. Artificial Intelligence Chips are still a challenge to many people. Tireless efforts are required in spreading the knowledge to make sure it is understandable. Bellow, I’ve prepared for you the FAQs with Answers on Artificial Intelligence Chips. Let’s get started: 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Is the computer or robot/machine controlled by a computer that performs complex tasks that are normally performed by humans because they require human intelligence. 

What is machine learning?

This is a branch of AI and Computer science that focuses on the use of data and algorithm to imitate the way humans learn. 

How powerful is Artificial Intelligence?

Well, if we dig into this question the answer might be very long. But to keep it short: The power of Artificial Intelligence depends on the ability and capability of the researcher working on the specific project. 

Do you need to be a genius to start learning Artificial Intelligence? 

No. To learn artificial intelligence, you should be first aware of the basic details of programming and related concepts of computer science. There are numerous short and long-term courses and guides available on the web to learn artificial intelligence.

Is the Google tensor good? 

Yes, the Pixel 6’s Tensors CPU performance is 80% faster than the Chip in pixel 5, Qualcomm’s Midrange Snapdragon 765G.

What are the main Artificial Intelligence technologies?

Well, there are many but to mention a few: Natural language generation, Machine learning platform, Robotics automation, Biometrics, Cyberdefense, Content creation, Emotion recognition, Decision management, Deep learning platform, and Marketing automation. 

What is NVIDIA A100?

The most powerful End-to-End Artificial Intelligence data center platform.

Can Artificial Intelligence compete with human intelligence in the future? 

Humans will always be faster to adjust than machines, that is what humans are naturally optimized to do.  

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

Automated transport, Working with robots, Improved health care, Environmental Monitoring, and More. 

Can the NVIDIA A100 be used for gaming? 

 Although A100 isn’t intended for gamers, you can always use it for gaming purposes.

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