What is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework developed by Google and a community of independent coders and corporations. This framework is used by companies like Microsoft, MacDonald’s and UPS in their web applications. Most notably, Angular supports Google’s massive pool of applications.

Characteristics of Angular

Angular aims at creating progressive web apps and is used as a front-end development tool. The current tool, Angular, is a rewrite of Angular JS released in 2016 and made to match the modern requirements of the web. 

Applications developed with Angular can be cross-platform; you can build an application, and reuse your code to adapt your apps to any environment. It can be used to develop for both mobile and web. Angular has a fast rendering speed; the rendering takes part on the server-side.

In terms of scalability, you can choose the dimension of your application, and Angular will adjust to your requirements; for large scale uses, tools like RxJS or Immutable.js can help you deal with bigger amounts of data. 

Angular is part of the MEAN Stack; it is frequently used independently by developers, but it’s important to note that you can rely on that complete system to eliminate difficulties on the back-end side or on the completion of a final solution. 

Key benefits of Angular

When to use Angular

Angular is great for designing user interfaces; you can build features quickly with simple, declarative templates. You can extend the template language with your own components. In the end, Angular helps you make things work and create great apps without the headache of trying to make the code work. 

Things to note before using Angular

Angular has a steep learning curve; it’s a framework with great potential and force and many times developers find themselves with many options to build the same solution; you may have to wait a bit more than with Vue.js, for example, until the development occurs at full speed.

Angular @ Infogion

There are so many JavaScript frameworks available today that it becomes sometimes difficult to select the most suitable one for your application. Since a development team may not have the same level of skill or comfort in all the major JS framework, the business often forced to opt for the one in which the development team is comfortable with. You need Infogion exactly at this point! Since we are connected with multiple development companies and teams with diversified skills across all the major JavaScript platform, we are in a better position to judge them. Moreover, our experts can guide you to go for the right JS platform for your application. 

In the end, Infogion makes the difference between a high-performance and a ‘just working’ app.

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