Innovations in Bio-technology

Biotech is the fruit of advancements in various fields like biology, physics, computer science, and engineering, just to name a few. Biotech encompasses everything from genetic engineering to bio-computers and neural science to artificial intelligence. It’s just not the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry; any business that produces anything to interact with human beings physically, is actually a biotech business.

Advancements in Biotech

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Brain-Machine Interfaces comprise of chips that facilitate interactions with the human brain, and can in some cases perform Read/Write operation on the brain. The technology is still under massive development but has been applied in the treatment of a number of mental ailments.

Bionic Limbs

Prosthetics limbs are slowly but gradually evolving, to be more and more intertwined with nerves from the remaining parts missing the limb. The bionic limbs are controlled just as parts of the body with commands received through the nervous system of the human brain. The goal is to create a limb that can work as the actual limb.


The Androids are human-like robots and display a very promising future whereby human work and live side by side with androids.

Bio Computers

Bio computers, powered by the advent of bionanotechnology, is the newest innovation where computing will be done through DNA and proteins instead of silicon-based microprocessors.

Biotech processes

Medical Biotechnology:  Medical Biotechnology is focused on dealing with research on living cells and cell material to produce pharmaceutical products, with the aim of treating diseases.

Industrial Biotechnology: Industrial biotech is the commercial production of substances which are usually applied to various industrial processes. Industrial biotechnology has the potential to help solve problems like how to feed a growing population. 

Environmental Biotechnology: This deals with the decontamination of waste, industrial effluents, sewerage treatment and so on. It is also applied to harness biological processes for commercial gain. The process of bioremediation of sites that have experienced radioactive contamination is made possible through the advances in environmental biotechnology.

Plant Biotech: The use of genetic engineering techniques to generate genetically modified plants with desired characteristics. Examples of tech applied include: Bio Safety Cabinets (BSC) which provide a sterile environment for plants therefore, minimizing contamination, and specialized Incubators provide a controlled environment that supports plant growth.

Animal Biotech: This is focused on the development of genetically modified animals with a goal towards increased milk production, resistance to various diseases, and increased meat production.

Major technologies

Major technologies used in the Biotech industry

Besides a wide range of electronics and electro-mechanical devices, biotech industry makes use information technology in a diversified manner. From high-end servers for data-processing to artificial intelligence-based algorithms, biotech make use everything that IT offers.

How Infogion can help

Choosing the best IT service provider for a biotech business

Unlike other industries, biotechnology is all about pure scientific pursuits with a business goal. Naturally, to serve a biotech company with Information Technology, one must have that scientific inclination. At Infogion, we make sure that a biotech company gets what they need when it comes to IT. We collaborate with skilled and experienced IT professionals and teams who, with their vast knowledge and expertise, can come out with the right solution and set up the IT infrastructure for your biotech business. With our suggested professionals at the helm, be assured that your computing and information ends are at the safest of hands.

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