About Infogion

About Infogion

The Information Technology industry runs on the money spent by people who want to make use of technology for the betterment of individuals, businesses, establishments, or society as a whole. A brick-and-mortar store gets an online store to bring more sales, a pharmaceutical company adopts artificial intelligence to produce medicines giving better cure, a government agency implements a technology-driven process to serve people, or a school-kids use some cool stuff to make the next project. Technology takes us to the next level. 

However, there is a gap. Using information technology, what you want to achieve is one thing and how you are going to achieve it, is altogether a different matter. Although the end goal is defined in most cases, the means and ways to achieve it sometimes remain hazy or often remain unaccounted for. The stakeholder who spends the money either fails to make the technical team or the vendor understand the requirement or at times, cannot even assess the capabilities of the team. The result – loss of resources, time, and money.

Well, the team at the helm of Infogion identified this problem long ago. Many times, we observe that either the stakeholder coming with sky-high expectations which simply cannot be met. The other way round, the development team does not have the expertise to fathom the requirements of the project.  In either case, it’s a lose-lose for both. So, what is the solution?

We found that the best solution is to understand the requirement of the project and get a team that can deliver this. And this should happen much before the first line of code is written. A project where the requirements are well-defined and in which, the team with the exact set of domain expertise works, is unlikely to be a failed one. The key to success is to make the right work with a complete understanding of the project.

At Infogion we do this. If you are a stakeholder who wants to get a project done or a product developed within a stipulated budget, we can help you achieve that. We will first understand your requirement, identify the key elements or processes, establish the technology and find the team who can deliver. If you are a service provider, we will ensure that you get everything you need to work. We will be the bridge between you two.

The very idea of Infogion is to create a healthy eco-system of knowledge where a project stakeholder can understand the technology and a development team can figure out how things work at the customer’s end. As both understand each other, things become quite easy, deliverable, and effective. It’s a win-win for both.

So, let’s find out what you want to achieve today, tomorrow, or the day after. We can always work together to make something amazing.

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