5 ERP Software in 2022 to Boost Your Productivity With Efficient Resource Allocation

“It is not the strongest business that survives, nor the intelligent, but the most responsive to change”

Evolution is the tool that supports survival better. When businesses grow, the issues related to maintaining and monitoring the business such as managing the day-to-day activities and planning resources also grow into many folds. Your fast-growing business should adopt the latest technologies to survive in the long run. Enterprise Resource Planning is one such technology that you can leverage to make your business manageable.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resources Planning, the application that helps you to automate the process of your business. The system collects data from various departments of the organization such as marketing, accounting, sales, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, etc… Now the data collected is turned into information. This information is stored in the central database of the organization. Eventually, this allows the decision-makers in the organization to have a complete cross-department analysis. 

Common Benefits of ERP software:

  • Planning and forecast resource Management: ERP allows you to plan the resources you need for various projects in your organization and hence allowing you the forecast the resources needed in the future. 
  • Automate Redundant Tasks: Manual redundant tasks like invoicing, reporting can be automated using ERP.
  • Cross Department Collaboration: Employees from all the different departments can collaborate and remotely view real-time project updates.
  • Ease of accessibility: ERP helps in quickly gathering the data related to your business for vendors, clients, and partners. 

How does ERP Software Works?

ERP has a centralized database where all the data related to the business is stored. The ERP also has a dashboard where the employees of the organization can view the data and collaborate with others across all the departments.

ERP allows the employees of an organization to be aware of all the operations such as finance, human resources, distribution, sales, etc. The ERP software can be used in two ways. The first method is direct on-premise install and the second method is cloud-based ERP systems which are accessed over the internet. 

Let’s see a small example for ERP. Imagine that you are having a big hotel business with many branches across the world. All data like sales, employee data, etc. are fed into the ERP system for each branch. The owner of the restaurant can easily look into the data and understand how each branch is performing. This is just a simple use case of ERP. It can be used for many other use cases.


The main focus of the workday is on financial management and human capital.

This ERP software offers trials and free versions of other services for a while on the purchase of a few services. If your company needs support in project management, time tracking, expenses, project billing then Workday PSA will offer you better service. There are many features such as Workday Enterprise Planning, Financial Management, HCM, etc…for every need of your business.

Workday is popular among many businesses such as technology, manufacturing, insurance, communication, Financial services, Professional and Business Services and, so on.

Workday ERP Software
Workday ERP Software

Advantages of Workday ERP

  1. True cloud software
  2. Modern user interface
  3. Offers strong planning services
  4. Great employee engagement
  5. Better insight into company data

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If your business is related to manufacturing Epicor is your right choice. By using Epicor’s data insights and automation manufacturers increase productivity and profits since this is specially designed for the manufacturing process. To deal with complex processes like uncountable customers, quotations, contracts, and managing lead the comprehensive CRM will be your added advantage. Doesn’t matter if your business is large or small Epicor ERP understands your business and provides you a proper system by planning and scheduling software that leads your business to the next level.

Epicor ERP Software
Epicor ERP Software

Epicor with its special feature called HCM software enables your business to deal with the workforce and employee details like from the joining to retirement of all the individual employees of the concern. The security and privacy of your data is the primary objective of Epicor. All the cloud communication of your business is highly encrypted. With the modern interface, strong password policies, data restriction options Epicor keeps your data safe and secured.

Advantages of Epicor ERP

  1. Strong supply chain management
  2. Easy connectivity of social platforms
  3. Enhanced business reporting
  4. Better data and cloud security
  5. Improved vendor relationship management

Sage 300

Are you someone dealing with an eCommerce business? Sage300 will assist your business to achieve goals with its cloud-based technology. This is the exact match to work for international businesses since sage 300 is designed in a way to deal with different currencies. To be time and resource-efficient, the automation process manages many factors of your business such as order, purchase, invoice, etc. Sage is the right choice to work with international businesses. Intelligent ERP is the feature offered by Sage that helps to track and process orders all around the world. Sage also offers features such as Customer relationship management, payment solution, etc.. to enhance your business to the next level.

Sage 300 ERP Software
Sage 300 ERP Software

Advantages of Sage ERP Software

  1. Increase in resource utilization
  2. More security to your data
  3. Operates international business
  4. Customize as per your business requirements
  5. User friendly

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If you want to manage your finances, resources, and scalability in your business, Deltek offers ERP solutions such as Vision, Maconomy, and cloud. Project portfolio management, Project planning, and scheduling are no longer difficult with Deltek in your business. Deltek offers an automated system that focuses on delivering projects on time.

Deltek ERP Software
Deltek ERP Software

To break down the barriers between the departments of your business and to streamline your business goals, Deltek offers professional service automation. For project-based businesses, Deltek’s enterprise resource planning system offers automation software that connects the life and secures your project life cycle. 

Deltek offers authority to access information in a central database which helps your team to work with better understanding and time management.

Advantages of Deltek ERP Software

  1. Lower initial cost
  2. Remote accessibility
  3. Protected security
  4. Key product updates
  5. Easy tracking system

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics ERP system offers a single product as a one-stop solution. Top brands like Coca-cola, Adobe, HP, etc.. prefer this for its flexible and powerful features. In the automobile sector like Mercedes Benz, it is said that Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps in improving service technician service, that reduces time to solve any problem, and also serves as cost-effective and decreases the environmental impact of service-related travel.

Customer says by Microsoft Dynamics 365 With the updated data and information, the problem which took days to solve gets vanished in minutes.

With comprehensive business management and cloud solution features, Microsoft Dynamics helps your business to adapt faster to all the internal operations such as sales, service, finance, etc. so that your business will be able to deliver fast results that enhance time efficiency in your business. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP SOftware
Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP SOftware

If your business lacks successful project execution, that affects your profit which is acquired by improper planning, tracking, accounting, costing, billing, etc. Microsoft Dynamics gives you a hand all around the project to improve your business.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

  1. Increases productivity
  2. Best customer service
  3. Easy to use
  4. The simple and unified way of working
  5. Enhances security and compliance


Doesn’t matter what size your business is, Weather a strong organization with thousands of employees or a very small start-up wondering how to proceed, Enterprise Resource Management always works to improve the operational efficiency of your company consistently with accurate progress. Not just that, it can also allow you to easily track the number of resources being spent on a task and also the expenses of it. Once you identify the tasks that take a huge amount of resources, you can devise plans to reduce the resources being spent on that task. All these benefits of ERP make it an attractive tool to be used in business resources planning and management.

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